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The Govt sued Boeing now look…

Post a Tweet on Twitter http://twitter.com/?status=Obama%20touts%20S.C.%20Boeing%20plant%20that%20NLRB%20sued%20%7C%20Campaign%202012%20%7C%20Washington%20Examiner+http://campaign2012.washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/obama-touts-sc-boeing-plant-nlrb-sued/381216 Advertisements

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The Head Chief and Fliflopper

Well chalk up another flip flop / accomadation.The Obama adm. has reversed its mandate on contraception with the religious leaders of this country.Although Mr. Obama will not admit fault he has done a 180 on his controversial healthcare bill known … Continue reading

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The Super Pacs Bowl

The last election Obama railed and made fun of Super Pacs and said they were unconstitutional (since when would that bother him) lol now since he’s seen how much money the GOP is raising from these unlimited funded and legal … Continue reading

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