It’s Trump vs the World

  • It’s amazing how Trump has captured the GOP majority except for the same morally corrupt GOP leaders that have allowed The Obama Adm. to get away with the madness they have perpetuated on the American People! For example and they’re too many to mention here. Socialized Medicine, 20 trillion in debt,Weak underperforming economy for 8 yrs., open borders,2 wars that were not trying or enabling our Military to win ! Racial division, income division, political party division, Iran Deal,gun and arms giveaways and unwise trade deals ! The nanny state has increased to the highest ever numbers! The PC  BS with bathroom laws, numerous culture rules and senseless demands from a corrupt Govt. that sends the Irs to harass its citizens , a Doj to harass Police Depts around the country and allows hate groups to thrive and grow! This is just a few things off the top of my head , I know they’re are many more ! 

The problem is the entire World in many places anyway have these same views and  problems ! The EU is bankrupt from too many takers and not enough givers, another Ponzi scheme that hasn’t worked! The Middle East is in turmoil from many different reasons incl. Obamas policies! There are so many issues in every Country it’s beyond belief! Mr. Trump comes out of nowhere and wins the GOP primary and with common sense and constituitional enforcement ideas rockets to the top in most of middle class America! The World and some of the USA resents a billionaire with Great Ideas and Goals! The MSM is trying to distort Trumps efforts anyway they can so their Globalist Freedom,Capitalism, Constituition destroying candidate can win! There are so many fighting against Trump just makes you wonder how deep the corruption is? The real kicker is the GOP establishment types who have been riding our political system and doing nothing but sitting there are also against Trump but allow Obama and any disturbed idea of his to pass? When you take out corporate donations and lobbyists,special interest groups, foreign govts. And add term limits and other common sense laws to reel in this out of control, corrupt political system of ours ,I don’t see much light at the end of the tunnel! 
I hope Mr.Trump is prepared to take on the World plus the Dems and Rino GOP as well as all the dark evil forces that control this World because that’s what it will take to win this fight on what’s left of our Country! God willing we can save our Freedom and Country!


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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