Socialism vs Freedom

Yes it’s come down to this ! Youngsters who mostly have never had to put in a hard days work in their life now outnumber the boomers by about 5% have spoken and Obama and Bernie are their Heros! That’s right ww2 , Korean , Vietnam ,gulf war vets the kids have never learned or even heard of the sacrifices you gave to keep this Nation Free! I bet they have never been taught about the Revolutionary War either! Thus here we are 2016 in a crazy World of PC,Transgender rights, Anti semi, and cop hating World amongst other problems like 19 trillion debt, unchecked immigration, refugee influx, socialized medicine,out of control big govt. spending, under the table ransoms, nuclear deals, govt. biased and where lies and corruption are the norm and sadly accepted by these new generations of Americans! Well unless you want to be a number with a gps device implanted in you and your entire life dictated by a govt leader I would suggest we do a 180 degree turn ASAP! When the Govt totally takes control which is their Goal btw we will no longer have the pursuit of happiness as our goal rather a depressing force telling us what, when and how to do everything because somehow govt. knows better than we do! If you desire this life then keep going where your headed! If you desire God loving and a rich moral life of freedom, capital principles,Freedom of speech, smaller govt. , right to bear arms and an opportunity at the once beloved American Dream then we need a 180 pronto! This World will only get darker the more we turn away from Gods Holy Word and the greatness of what my Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for us on the cross and 3 days later when it all was etched in eternity and Rose Up out of the Grave! I hope there is still enough Christians that we can turn back this madness of today but if we lack the numbers, the will or were just plain not interested and sit back and do nothing we are allowing the very thing we were founded upon to depress our lives and Gods wish for our great land!


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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