All lives Matter

The ultimate price has already been paid for all lives over 2,000 yrs ago! When Jesus Christ gave his life according to Gods Plan for our lives! He was mocked,beaten, and pierced in his side and they platted a crown of thorns on his head, ripped off his clothing and cast lots for his garments! They crucified him and put him in a tomb and covered it with a giant stone! He died for us , for our sins, our redemption,our health, our connection back to God that Adam n Eve gave up! He died for us because he loved us and more importantly rose again so we could have the opportunity to worship God and receive his Holy Spirit as the prophets and men of God before us had! So all lives matter no one group more than any other! I refuse to believe the lies being promoted today in our World by theDevil himself and his cohorts! God Bless You !


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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