Secure our Borders!

I’ve said this before and it hurts every time I do.If and When our kids are attacked and murdered Americans might finally wake up,sometimes I guess people just can’t see the future or they don’t care either way or whatever the reason ,it takes a calamity to get our attention . Then people will wake up and get this out of control freedom denying,corporation loving govt. and put them back in their place as our servants and represenatives not to drag us down with culture issues,personal agendas and taxing us to oblivion. Govt must work for us not us work for them and their greed and corruption ,until then GOD BLESS YALL AND GOD BLESS WHAT’S REMAINS OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY WHICH IS STILL OUR HOME THAT WE LOVE AND CALL AMERICA!


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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