The America that I remember !

The America that I know was founded on hard work, grit and determination and a give it your all attitude for the goal of Freedom ! The founders as we were taught in American History Classes throughout this Country at one point and time anyway were for the most part wealthy men, educated men, great men of God and men who would pledge their lives and fortunes for Freedom ! The common band of Freedom and to break free from the oppression of the King of England and all the taxation,rules, regulations and the right to pursue religious Freedoms to worship the one true God thru our Lord Jesus Christ as they pleased ! There were many more issues as well. It kind of sounds like today in a sense we want freedom from our own Govt. not the British nowadays though.


This Country fought hard for it’s freedom at a high price but it seems to me most people take our Freedoms and struggles for granted. The World will keep turning with or without us. The freedoms that all our forefathers have sacrificed their wealth, their desire for a better life for the future generations and some gave their lives as well as our military throughout our founding. Don’t sell your soul to the Govt.for their freebies but rather keep wrangling for the freedom’s that so many brave men and woman have fought and died for and the many that have given their lives to be public servants so that we can pursue the happiness we were destined for and the ultimate goal of all our ancestors that have passed the torch throughout each generation, don’t let the Govt. take our Great Country away this is our home not leaders who discard our wishes and directives, not Govt. Politicians who openly take money from big corporations for personal reasons and profit to further the companies agenda and have refused to listen to our voices. Elect politicians who do what we say not what corporations or other politicians tell them to do. God Bless America !


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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