Obama the hands off President !

I can’t believe Obama wants to bomb Syria and do a 180 on all his beliefs ! Obama has always been antiwar even after over 3000 of our citizens were murdered by 4 Airplanes hijacked by Allah following Muslim Terrorists with ties to Al – Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden ! The Nobel peace prize winning Obama wants to Obliterate Syria to help the REBELS who are made up of violent Muslim groups that include Al -Qaeda and other Anti – American groups as well. In times past Obama would hide behind his cabinet secretaries or chosen Dept.. Heads to make tough decisions like this one. I mean let’s face it Obama hasn’t put his name on anything in 5 years but Obamacare.The Media will always support Obama and make him look like a genius when in reality he’s in way over his head and has been for 5 years.My question is why does he want Assad out now ? It’s been 2 years and he hasn’t done nothing except threaten about crossing a redline. All of a sudden he wants to take action because of the use of chemical weapons on Syrian people.I think Obama is trying to suck the Republicans in so he can blame it on them if something goes wrong.He’s already said he has the authority to override congress.. let him go for it and swim this one alone is what I say.Why should we join forces with Al -QAEDA and help them when they would stab us in the back the first chance they get.Let Allah fight it out as one pundit put it last week.This is ridiculous to put American lives in jeapordy over a civil war of 2 regimes that hate us.I say let them resolve their differences and unless Israel or americans are harmed let them work out their differences and stop policing the world.The sad thing is the Gop is as stupid as Obama and they will go along with the scheme to intervene in another losing battle instead of standing up for we the people who don’t want this conflict to get any bigger.I’m sorry about the people who lost their lives but we can’t fix the evil world.


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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