The Left Vs George Zimmerman

The trial of the year is over George Zimmerman won! He not only was released a free man he is allowed to pickup his semi auto handgun that was held for evidence for almost 2 years!Trayvon Martin was shunned by a jury of his peers who believed the facts presented to them not the Media Hype and Judicial Bias blatantly displayed by the Judge, Prosecuters,The Govt. and everyone else who tried to convict Mr. Zimmerman in my opinion before the trial was over!It just goes to show the liberal left all of the aforementioned can’t win against 6 jurors with more common sense than the libs who tried everything to put George Zimmerman away!They still are trying as well DOJ is looking at civil rights issues and other charges to make Zimmerman pay in their narrow minded views of the verdict !Violent Protests all around the country is ok with Obama and his regime!The real hurt will be in the coming elections when the Dems are shutdown and put out of office by conservative men and women who actually care about God and Our Country unlike the left who try to distort and destroy all that America is and can overcome the crooks and deceitful Politicians in there now with sensible insight and God fearing Leadership!


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I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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