The 2012 Presidential Election !

The  choices are clear ,Freedom vs Big Govt. Mitt Romney proclaims Freedom if you vote for him and Mr. Obama claims Forward with his social entitlement healthcare program and Big Govt. for a stronger middle class.The only problem I have with both Ideas are only God gives true Freedom and only God can make a people strong thru Faith not by Govt.The one side says this election is about saving America and the other says it’s about growing Govt. and equaling the playing field between poor and rich!It’s the closest projected race in history.If one wins the debt will climb to an ireversible number, if the other wins,they’ll reduce the debt and make us fiscally solvent.I hate injecting my own negative outlook but has any politician delivered on his promises in the last 30 yrs.? The real truth is only God and that’s the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ can save this country not any one man. the problem I percieve of the overall mindset of this country is people are Lazy and want everything given to them instead of working and earning it theirselves.If that is the norm then you can kiss this once great country goodbye because you cant just take and not give.When doing little or nothing get you more than hardwork and ambition you know things are backwards!When taxes continue to rise and handouts multiply I don’t care how much money you borrow from China or how much you the treasury prints,plain and simple you can’t spend more than you recieve!The future is up to you and whether we become a Govt. run society or a free capitalist society as we’ve been for the last 237 years.God Bless America and God Bless the U.S.A.!The people of this country need to change their outlook on life don’t yearn for what you can get for free from the govt. yearn for giving to your fellow man thru hardwork and honesty reap your rewards from doing good not free entitlements and doing nothing for it!


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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