The 4 hour visit

The King of America visited our town last night.Mr. Obama brought air force 1 plus numerous armored vehicles and 100 of his closest friends plus T-shirts, hats, books and numerous other goodies for sale to promote his reelection campaign.oh and don”t forget he brought his TelePrompTer how else would he communicate, his great message of hope and change.The message of jobs, low gas prices, no hindering regulations or laws or political bias.He also spoke of our great energy future of wind,solar,electric powered cars, and homes as well as algae, natural gas and charging stations throughout our once free land.He thanked the democrats that still can bear to follow him for their 2 million and their votes knowing a democrat will never winTexas again in any national election.He arrived on air force one in the middle of rush hour traffic which he held up for hours with his motorcade and he left 3 hours later on a cold rainy Friday from Houston,Tx. In the same taxpAyer paid way he came in only 2 mil richer and no shame for trying to destroy this cities contributions to the economy of the world , OIL Companies.rule this town , it is the energy capital of America with hundreds of energy companies here.


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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