The Super Pacs Bowl

The last election Obama railed and made fun of Super Pacs and said they were unconstitutional (since when would that bother him) lol now since he’s seen how much money the GOP is raising from these unlimited funded and legal groups he’s changed his mind. It’s ok now to use them and has even accepted 2 groups to be his Super Pacs.Obama likes to politicize everything but only in his or the Democrats favor.if you notice every time Obama and his culture of corruption allies make a mistake it gets swept under the rug.the latest blunder being the Egyptian fiasco.A G Eric Holder and Fast and Furious,the Green Energy boondoggle,all the companies given Govt loans going bankrupt.There are so many more, the MF Global and Jon Corzine ex cabinet member of Obama’s administration doesn’t know what happened to millions missing from the companies coiffures but donated 500,000 to the Obama campaign recently.we haven’t even talked about all his czars , his economy mistakes, the trips,and most of all the debt he has run up.


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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