I’m sitting here on a saturday night watching my favorite team in the World Series.That’s right the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS are winning game 3 in the 2nd inning thanks to a Allen Craig solo Home Run in the 1st inning.I just ate a foot long coney dog my wife brought me from Sonic.I know we don’t have any Apple Pie but I think a Klondike bar will do.These 3 things bring my memory back to a place and time when life was simpler,and America was content to sit back and enjoy a ballgame and some comfort food.It was a time when people had a passion for life and our great country and it’s freedoms.I sit back now over 40 years later watching my team in the World Series just as I did when I was a young boy enjoying my team.It’s almost a crime to eat hotdogs in this day and time.i’m positive apple pie and Ice cream will be outlawed soon. Hamburgers and French Fries will soon only be available on the black market or from the cartel.The potus has told us no more fattening foods,no more big cars or suv’s,turn our thermostats down in the winter and up in the summer.Purchase an electric car or bike,get solar panels for our energy usage and buy appliances that cost a fortune but save electricity.The plan sounds great but it’s not going over too well.The people are marching on wall st. in most major cities in the usa.They are calling it occupy wall st. or O.W.S. because jobs are scarce and a high paying job is a luxury.Somehow the people that run the banks and financial institutions are the culprits and cause of our recession.The protesters say they just want jobs,but condemn capitalism.They say america owes them ,they want equality,they want the rich to pay more taxes,they also want the rich to give them money to equal things out.Time Out brb I need my Klondike bar (apple pie).MMM  yum great ice cream.Well if you ask me the entire country is headed for a shipwreck.When people do so many things to undermine the founding fathers ideas and laws written for our citizens and our existence,It’s all over but the shouting ! When people stop believing in God and believe in the Govt. the Country will go down faster than the Titanic.As I sit here watching my redbirds win 5-0 now in the 4th after enjoying  my coney and ice cream Thanking my God that my time left on earth is short and I’m ready for my rest before the rapture happens .IT’S SAD TO WATCH but my country is doomed without God and the simple things of life that make this country great.


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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