I was on vacation last week in Boston.We stayed in the back bay area of town.It was very nice by the way ,expensive but nice.We checked in the hotel and decided to drive downtown.I wanted to see Fanuelli hall a.k.a. Quincy marketplace.We parked the car and started walking to the market on the way,somewhere in the middle of town near a Macy’s dept. store we encountered a mob shouting and yelling with all kinds of signs and enough cops following them to squish a riot in case things got out of hand.There were cops in cars,motorcycles,golf carts,john deere 6 wheelers and cops on foot in riot gear as well as helicopters overhead.It was our first time in Boston so we were kind of surprised at the crowds.I heard on the local news later that night over 100 were arrested and thrown in jail.I’ve never seen a protest where the people don’t know exactly what their protesting.I guess they think wall st. ruined all the job opportunities.If I was going to protest ,I would start at 1600 pennsylvania ave. in d.c. and the govt and Barack Obama.The policies of this administration are what’s keeping the economy on the fritz not wall st.Do the research on it and you will see that our president is a marxist and wants everyone to be equal.I remember his speech he wants to fundamentally change america which means socialism,marxism,statism whatever you want to call it.If you want jobs get rid of OBAMA


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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