When I was in my late teens in the late 70’s I remember our president back then.Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer from Georgia. The only thing I can remember about Jimmy Carters presidency was the long gas lines,inflation,lots of civil rights issues and the Iran Hostage Crisis.The worst things of course are the easiest to remember.The gas stations had no fuel so you had to wait in line to get gas and sometimes depending on the time of day it could be hours .Mr. Carter in years to come would become America’s worst president in history.This president reminds me of those times back then.His decisions have put us in the worst recession since the 30’s.The Socialized healthcare program may not survive the courts.9% unemployment,high gas prices,inflation starting to rise,new mileage standards for new cars in order to save fuel and also makes the cost of vehicles go up.Carter created the dept. of energy,Obama is making more regulations to control  industry.The auto industry,oil industry,energy providers,coal industry,natural gas industry.These regulations are supposed to ween us off foreign oil,high electricity usage and drive mini cars so we can save oil consumption and don’t forget riding the bullet train and taking the bus. The new jobs growth will be in the Green energy sector says Mr. Obama.It seemed like a good plan on paper but as usual the free capital market has determined it doesn’t want a smart car or a solar panel that costs a fortune,nor do we want to turn our thermostats to 79 degrees to save energy and nobody want to go back in time to the train or bus ride either. When Obama finally figures it out he’ll be gone.Thankfully , I can’t wait for the next Reagan to take over and watch the prosperity move across the country as it did in the boom days of the 80’s.Mr. Obama can take his seat next to Mr. Carter as the worst leader ever and he can join Habitat for Humanity and do something good for people in his retirement years like Mr. Carter has done. The country can get a top-notch president that fixes the economy and grows the private sector not govt payroll. I can rest in peace knowing my kids and granddaughter will have the same opportunities I had in the land of the free not the land of big govt and regulations and pipe dreams of a marxist robotesque society as Obama thought we should become under his iron fisted, close minded,socialist,one shoe fits all views of our future.I bet Mr. Carter is happy also because he just became the 2nd worst president and nobody remembers 2nd place .Mr. Obama can have 1st for the worst president overall by his self ,after all he deserves it.


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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