Leaders never blame

A real leader never blames others or circumstances for his or her problems.That’s right a real leader will always find a way to work out or fix the problem.Losers blame and whine and lash out when things don’t go their way.A real leader will dig deeper and try to fix the dilemma with hard work or smart decisions.A real leader never gloats after fixing a problem or accomplishing a task either.A real leader will use the accomplishment to motivate or elevate his or hers dedicated employees or helpers.The first sign Mr. Obama wasn’t a true leader was in his first month in office (Mr. Bush left me a mess and it’s bigger than I thought).The first reaction was the loser syndrome,(it’s the other guys fault) .I can’t even remember all the excuses Obama has used too many to count,but I know one thing he has never admitted being at fault or responsible for ANYTHING not one thing.He is a child and a loser and because of his socialistic hate america upbringing he can’t accept any responsiblity.I just hope the next president moves us forward instead of playing the blame game.


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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