Baseball makes it better.

I love baseball season,after a long cold snowy winter there is nothing better than sitting back sipping your favorite drink watching a game of baseball on T.V. Oh for sure being at the game is best but the refreshments and sometimes the views are better at home.I noticed they added the M.L.B. network to our array of cable channels approx. 400 or so.I was so glad they did when to my surprise opening day one of my favorite teams was on thurs.afternoon.I sat in my favorite chair and kicked back with my beagle hound in my lap and a cold drink and immensed myself in the game.I always think what might of been if i kept playing baseball and went for a scholarship or at least kept playing.My brother and I were pretty good baseball players in our youth.My brother did get scholarships and invited to spring training camps in florida he was so talented.He was a great catcher and I was a pitcher/shortstop.I remember playing ball all the time when we were kids and fierce competition in the process.

I was gladly surprised to see some of my fellow classmates / baseball buddies make it to the bigs.Its fun following someones career when you went to school and played ball with them as a youngster.I am just glad its baseball season finally. its better for your outlook than listening to the news and watching our country go down the toilet.It also means summer is around the corner and bbqs and swimming is near as the weather warms up.all in all it just gives a negative nasty winter a positive hopeful outlook and a smile for a switch


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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