We can save America.

The Fleecing of America.

I can remember growing up in a small midwestern town,where most of the economy was based on the Big Three automakers. There were factories everywhere,the smell of smoke and the sounds of industrial work going on all around.Then more and more the smell and sounds became more faint and the factories and jobs and companies slowly moved away.The economy never recovered and most of the workers moved out also. The information age started and everyone wanted to sit at a desk and be a computer worker .I assume that’s what they wanted because still to this day most of them are still doing it.The shine is wearing off that penny as well  because you see most of the computer companies are moving to Ireland or India now.The 80′-90’s were the most profitable times in any era of modern man in America.The govt and the companies all wanted more so the govt raised taxes and the companies moved overseas to save from paying high taxes and dodge the IRS. This is where we are today,the companies have increased their workforces overseas and the American economy has hit the bottom. China hasn’t stolen our jobs ,we gave them away because of greed and not paying attention to our govt. We’re really in a mess now the govt has lost its tax base because of unemployment and companies moving overseas .The govt wants to raise taxes it always fixes the problem,at least temporary. The American people are fed up with this tactic so were at a crossroads. The logical thing to do is give incentives to get our companies to come back home and hire workers and increase the tax base,then the govt will be happy and if we can pull these companies back home I think everyone will come out happy in the long run .The only people I care about at this time are my kids and grandbabies and nieces and nephews.I just wish they get a fair shot at being what they work for in their futures like I did. God Bless America he can save us, I promise.


About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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