I’m trying to be optimistic

I talked to my Dr. today I asked him if he was going to retire in 2014? He said no he loved his work and why 2014? I said because OBAMACARE kicks in then and his paycheck will be going down. He explained he was an optimist and hoped that didn’t happen but that he heard that from his fellow Dr.’s. I told him I was an optimist also but with the economy in shreds and jobs becoming scarce my optimism was about to turn into doubts and reality. I agreed I would allow 1 more year of trying to be positive and upbeat.If things don’t start to turn around by the 4th qtr. of next year I would take my frustrations to the ballot box in 2012.I am an Independent and I will pull the lever for all Republicans just to turn back this insanity that were going through now. Mr. Obama has tripled the deficit broke new records on spending and hired more govt. workers than any past Presidents and at an unprecedented higher wage than the private sector.I also read G.M. workers are getting 4,000.00 dollar bonuses approx. 48,000 workers.The Gov’t. sure is frivolous with our money.I would make G.M. pay the debt to the american taxpayer in full before I would approve a raise but what do I know,I’m just a small businessman living on a small budget.

About rightwayorthehighway

I am a small business owner,concerned about the path of our country.
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